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Forgery and stamp identification

See Reference Info


Richard Doporto: Alterations, Fakes and Forgeries - closeup photos and detailed exposés of deperfs, reperfs, faked grills, removed cancels, etc

Sheryll Oswald: eBay - forgeries, fakes, dodgy sellers, scams: the tip of the iceberg - educational articles for eBay buyers and sellers on forgeries, fakes, alterations and the problems of buying and selling in the Stamps category on eBay

ASPPI: French fighters for fraudless philately - a French version of SCADS

  • Reports on sellers of fakes and forgeries on eBay and other internet auction sites
  • Explains the characteristics of various French and other forgeries
  • Members can access more information on sellers
  • Written in French, but translations to many other languages available
  • Offers free help for expertizing French and Belgian stamps

Richard Frajola: Fraud On eBay – A Review Of The Stamp Category article

Advice for eBay users - links and advice for buyers having trouble getting paid-for items from sellers - an omnibus internet fraud link site

Fenton Smith: escrow sites - includes both valid and scam sites

Internet Crime Complaint Center - report internet scams here

New York Attorney General's Office - victims of stamp alteration scams in New York should use this form to file a complaint with the New York Attorney General


eBay Stamp selling policy - guidelines and policies for selling stamps on eBay, developed in consultation with the APS. Report suspected fraudulent items using the link at the bottom of this page.

APS code of conduct for selling philatelic items on eBay - stamp sellers on eBay must follow this code of conduct. Report auctions violating this code to eBay using the link above.

Guidelines for reporting questionable items to eBay

Guidelines for buying stamps on eBay - don't get burned on your next eBay purchase!

Buyer Protection on eBay - steps to follow for buyers who are getting burned on their current eBay purchase

Simon Dunkerley: "eBay - A useful resource and a place to beware!" - article detailing the pitfalls of buying on eBay, examples of misdescribed stamps and guidelines for buyers

Discussion forums

StampChat+ - discussion board for issues important to the online philatelic community, including misdescribed items and fraudulent activities on eBay and elsewhere

Postage Stamp Chat Board - discussion board primarily for collectors of Australian stamps, discusses eBay-related issues including auctions of fraudulent, questionable or misdescribed items

eBay Stamps chat board - discussion board for general and specialised collectors on eBay

Frajola's Board For Philatelists - discussion board for philatelists around the world