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Forgery/Fake Identification


Trimmed Perforations table - perforated stamps commonly trimmed to look imperforate

Jim Baughman's How to do a “flip-comparison” test on perforations

"Manufactured" Stamps table - commonly "manufactured" flat plate issues

Richard Doporto's Fakes Purchased on eBay - closeup photos and detailed exposés of deperfs, reperfs, faked grills, removed cancels, etc

Croton Stamp Co. website - information on trimmed "coils", including a reference table, as well as ways to detect regummed and reperforated stamps

Philatelic Hall of Shame - detailed information on the reperfing, trimming and regumming of stamps

Phillips Stamp Site - examples of 19 "Obvious Fakes" of common stamps which have been reperfed, trimmed to make "coils" and "imperfs", or with added grills, accompanied by tips on how to detect the tampering

Counterfeits and Fakes of Confederate Stamps website - counterfeits and fakes of Confederate stamps

CSA Stamps - Fakes, Counterfeits, Reprints, Facsimiles website - counterfeits and fakes of Confederate stamps

U.S. Classics on eBay - as is article - discusses the pitfalls of buying U.S. classics on eBay, and illustrates the most common misidentifications and misrepresentations


Bill Claghorn's Comparative Philatelic Forgery Identification Site - compares forgeries of many countries with their genuine counterparts

Bill Claghorn's House of Stamps catalog - copy of the 1985/1988 catalog, showing many (but by no means all) of the stamps and covers which were reproduced and sold as replicas

G. Koch's Stamp Forgery Guide - links to information sources on stamp forgeries and expertising, list of stamp forgery literature

Evert Klaseboer's Stamps: Catalogue - shows stamps of the world from 1840-1920, with emphasis on identifying forgeries (CDs are available for purchase, and these contain many images not provided on the website)

M C Strathdee's Koban 1876-92 website: What's New page - information, links and latest updates on Japanese forgeries

Peter Winter and the modern German forgeries on eBay article - discusses the history and characteristics of the Peter Winter and modern German forgeries listed on eBay

Stamp Identification


1851-57 3-cent issue - Scott U.S. #10 vs. #11

Steven Ruecker's Plated 3¢ 1851-57 ~ Enlarged Photos website - contains large scans of plated stamps, and covers nearly every position in the #10 and #11 plates

1847 USA website - detailed information on identifying 1847-1925 U.S. stamps by design. It has separate sections on identifying Washington Franklins, details of grill measurements, examples of the secret marks, and links to many other classic U.S. websites.

"theswedishtiger"'s US Postage Stamp Easy Identification Guide - Need to know what any genuine U.S. classic stamp looks like?". Check the large, clear color scans on this site. Stamps are identified by Scott catalog number.

The U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, inc. - Loaded with knowledge and resources related to pre-1895 U.S. stamps

Jim Baughman's US stamp identifiers:

10c Issue of 1855-57
First 3¢ Stamped Envelopes
Grilled Stamps
Large “Banknotes”
A foolproof way of identifying the “soft paper” of banknote printings
First Bureau Issues
Abe Lincoln’s “tiny eye”
Washington-Franklin stamps of 1908-22
2nd & 3rd Issue Revenue Designs
Colors, Scott 70/78, 24¢ Washington
15¢ Oliver Wendell Holmes TYPES, Prominent American series