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Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers

The Spawn of David George Holt

August 12, 2004

The following identities are all names that have been used by David George Holt from 1999 to present, in order to perpetrate his scams against members of the philatelic community and the antiquarian bookselling community around the world.  This is a continually growing list, as more and more of the known identities reported to the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (ABAA) since 1999 are added.

Since February 2003, Holt has been penetrating into the philatelic and numismatic communities, and it is believed other rare and collectible fields as well.  Please report any new scam attempts by Holt, under any disguise, to the ABAA Security Office at once.

At this time it is not known whether all of these identities are simply aliases of David Holt, or if he may be working in collusion with these individuals.

David Holt aliases used:

In the philatelic community

Prof. Karl Fisher, Fisher's Rarities Ltd., Zermatt, Switzerland (February-March 2003)


Frederik Buwe, Frederik Buwe Collections, Lugano, Switzerland (February-April 2003)

Francisk Lewo - working for Frederik Buwe (March 2003)

Receipients of money:

Prof. Oleg Chebotarev, Moscow, Russia ( February-April 2003) (Volgograd, Russia)

In the numismatic community

Mihail Konuhov (May 2003)

Receipients of money:

Oleg Chebotarev, Preobrazenskii Blvd 34, Moscow, Russia (May 2003)

In the antiquarian book community

John Breeg, John Breeg Books
Dave J. Masd
Daniil Vyazemskii
Maria Vyazemskaya
Valentin Karpov, Antique Books, Russia (website
Frederik Buwe, Frederik Buwe Collections, Lugano, Switzerland
Maksim Obuhov
Vladimir Kosov

Store/institutional names claimed:

John Breeg Books
AB2 Store
European Books Association
Kolomna State Museum
Russian Museums Foundation
Antique Books
Frederik Buwe Collections
Vladimir Kosov Shop

Receipients of money:

Oleg Chebotarev, Preobrazenskii Blvd 34, Moscow, Russia (May 2003)
Elena Nelepolova
Konstantin Panfilov, Sadovaya st. 18, 191069, St. Petersburg, Russia (July 2004)
Konstantin Panfilov, 147th Kaspiiskaya st. - 24, St. Petersburg, Russia (March 2006)

Email addresses used:

Identity theft perpetrated by David Holt and his aliases

In at least one disturbing case, Holt has attempted to steal the identity of a well-known British bookselling firm, George Bayntun.  This scam involved invoking the firm's name and giving false emails and faxes to contact them.

In one other case, Holt was using the address of Boston College in Mass., again with a false email and fax number.

In May 2003, Holt was even audacious enough to impersonate Ken Sanders himself, informing him via email (using the address ""):

"Please add to Books, coins, stamps, cars also loans, credits, deals, signed on behalf our mutual name Ken Sanders :--)"

David Holt New Zealand connection

A New Zealand bookseller, a Dr. R. Litchkovakha, is  alleged to have some tie to David Holt, who is known to have fled to Russia and New Zealand after his release from a federal prison in the U.S.A., and living in Wellington,New Zealand, until his move to Victoria, B.C. in Canada at some stage between May and July 2004. He has been trading on the website since January 2004 using the ID litchkovakha.

More information on Dr R. Litchkovahka can be found in an article written about Ken Sanders, titled The Rare Book Detective.

Contact for further information on David Holt and his aliases

Please pass all new information to:

Ken Sanders, Chair
ABAA Security Committee
Ken Sanders Rare Books, ABAA, ILAB
268 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Phone: 801-521-3819
Fax: 801-521-2606

Swiss image stealing scam: Karl Fisher, Frederik Buwe - David Holt