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SCADS was formed in response to an alarming increase in the number of altered, forged, and misidentified stamps advertised by Internet stamp dealers, primarily in online auctions such as eBay. 

SCADS is an international association of philatelists whose goals are to combat fraudulent and dishonest tactics by sellers of stamps, and to protect and educate the philatelic community at large from fraud, particularly the newer and less experienced stamp collectors who represent the future of the hobby.

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14 October, 2003

Fakes and Forgeries: Florida seller atdinvest is attempting to sell his forgery "business" on eBay. Among the paraphernalia offered are thousands of sheets and blocks, hundreds of handstamps, perforation equipment and over 80 CDs containing "data of proofs and documents". When the first listing does not sell at US$49,900, the price is raised to US$69,900. Both auctions completed with no bids.

7 October, 2003

Alterations: chickfrdstk, an infamous member of the Saratoga Ring, is NARU'd (Not a Registered User) on eBay.

5 October, 2003

Alterations: chickfrdstk, an infamous member of the Saratoga Ring, is purchasing stamps on eBay again.

31 May, 2003

Alterations: eBay's investigations and the suspension of pcheltenham have prompted the Saratoga Ring to move their auctions to Yahoo, using the seller ID goldmedalauctions, a name similar to Gregory Stolow's previous mail order auction business "Gold Medal Mail Sales".

31 May, 2003

eBay News: The ever-tightening censorship of the eBay Stamp chat board prompted long-time fraud-fighting supporter Dave Frick to set up a new StampChat board where eBay auctions could be discussed in a friendly welcoming atmosphere without fear of posts being deleted.

10 May, 2003

Alterations: Two days after listing over 250 new auctions, Saratoga Ring seller pcheltenham was suspended from eBay on 9 May, a week after eBay Trust and Safety Vice President Rob Chesnut initiated investigations into the alteration activities of the Saratoga Ring.

2 May, 2003

eBay News: With more and more eBay Stamps chat board posts deleted by the "Moderation" team, SCADS member George Kopecky has taken the case against the Saratoga Ring to the top. eBay Trust and Safety Vice President Rob Chesnut affirms that he will investigate their activities.

23 March, 2003

"The Spawn of David George Holt", a summary of the aliases and scams perpetrated by David Holt in the last 3 years, is now available and will be updated as more information is passed to SCADS.

A man purporting to be Karl Fisher was reported to have attended the Biloxi, MS stamp show on March 1. Is he really David Holt ?

Oleg Cheboratev is the man who receives the money from all of David Holt's scams. His Curriculum Vitae shows a photo and list of achievements in the last few years. What is the connection between him and David Holt ?

15 March, 2003

Scams: Karl Fisher and Frederik Buwe have been determined to be aliases of convicted book felon David Holt. After his release for prison three years ago, Holt has been defrauding and attempting to defraud the bookselling community under a variety of different names, and has threatened two ABAA members. Holt has now turned his attention to the philatelic community......

8 March, 2003

Scams: Dealers and collectors around the world have been offered high value stamps and covers at substantially discounted prices by persons identifying themselves as Karl Fisher and Frederik Buwe of Switzerland, only to find that the scans have been stolen from various webpages.

3 March, 2003

Alterations: Imperforate U.S. plate proofs are the latest casualties in the ongoing saga of the Saratoga Ring. Reperforated proofs sold by pcheltenham are fetching high prices, and the Saratoga buyers continue to snap them up as fodder for alteration.

24 February, 2003

Fakes and Forgeries: Florida seller atdinvest keeps churning out his listings of modern imperforate sheets of forgeries, which appear to be made from an image of one stamp replicated to fill a sheet. The suggestion that falling prices for the sheets may have led to listings of bulk lots of 6 sheets was denied by the seller.

17 February, 2003

Alterations: The Saratoga Fakes article updated with the latest news on the Saratoga Ring.

8 February, 2003

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