SCADS - Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers

Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers
(SCADS) Design Misrepresentation
has ignored requests for corrections to auctions illustrating misidentified stamps.  On August 24, 2002 he sold the US #24 (CV $40) shown in the center of the above image as a #21 for $61.

Two days earlier, sold the US #35 ($65) with trimmed perforations shown at left as a #15 ($225) for $24.50. The designs can be distinguished by the completeness of the designs on the sides, especially the three pearls, which are present in the #15 but not on the #35.

On the same day as the above sale, sold another US #35 ($65) with trimmed perforations, this time advertised as a #13 (CV $800).  This badly butchered (although still identifiable as a #35) stamp sold for $39.12.

This stamp, and the one above, were intentionally trimmed very close to deceive bidders and confuse identification. sold yet another #65 with the perforations trimmed off on May 18, 2002.  As with the above case, this was described as a #13.