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Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers

stamplady99: Color Misrepresentation

Stamplady99 has resisted numerous requests to correct the descriptions of or cancel ads that describe a common stamp as a higher-value color variety.

Stamplady99 first caught the attention of SCADS with her advertising of common US #11s (catalog value: $10) as #10s (orange brown; catalog value: $100).  These listings were appearing at regular intervals with opening bids set at two to three multiples of catalog value for #11s, but they appeared like bargains for #10s.  Most of them sold to hopeful collectors.

See this site for in-depth information on #10 and #11 identification.

In October 2001 stamplady99 was informed of another stamp among her listings incorrectly described as a #10, and also was informed of this SCADS article.  She responded positively this time by terminating the auction early.  However, information given to her during a 3-day auction of a stamp mis-described as a #70b (steel blue), showing this stamp next to a certified #70b, was ignored.

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